Polyethylene HDPE - LLDPE Geomembranes

They are waterproofing membranes formed by homogenous shaping of polyethylene raw materials with different densities in extruders. - 1 mm. - 1.2 mm. - 1.5 mm. - 2 mm. - 2.5 mm. thickness, 210 cm. width or requested width and length are produced in our factory.
Polyethylene Membrane Types;

  •     Flat Polyethylene Membrane
  •     Polyethylene Membrane with UV additives
  •     They are produced as T-Grip (Rib-Claw)


  •     Solid waste storage areas
  •     Medical waste collection areas
  •     Ponds (Artificial ponds)
  •     Treatment and Irrigation pools
  •     Channels and trays
  •     Plant Treatment Plants
  •     Underpasses
  •     Toxic waste areas
  •      Tanks
  •      Wastewater pipes and tunnel insulation
  •      Dams and water holding pools
  •      Buildings
  •      Fish and seafood production ponds
  •      Subway works
HDPE high density polyethylene LLDPE means low density polyethylene. Depending on where it will be used, LLDPE should be selected if details, indentations and protrusions are excessive, and HDPE membrane should be selected if more flat details are available.
  •     High chemical resistance
  •     Low permeability
  •     Highly resistant to puncture and cracking
  •     Long lasting
  •     It has high strength and elongation.
  •     Quick and economical application
  •     UV resistant
  •     Easy to repair



Quality Values
Density min.0,94 gr m3
Tensile strength at failure min. 16 N/mm2
Tensile strength min. 26 N/mm2
Elongation at break min. %700
Dimensional stability %+2

Density min.0,92 gr m3
Tensile strength at failure min. 16 N/mm2
Tensile strength min. 20 N/mm2
Elongation at break min. %700
Dimensional stability %+2

Flat PVC Geomembrane

Color: Standard Yellow / Blue / According to your demand


PVC Geomembrane with Signal Plate

Color: Standard Yellow, Black / Gray, Black / According to requested demand
Feature: In the application area, they may be damaged on the PVC Membrane, appear in the dark colored part in the lower area and can detect the damage.




UV Additive PVC Geomembrane

Color: Standard Gray / According to demand
Feature: It is manufactured to withstand all atmospheric conditions and sun rays.






T-Grip PVC Geomembran

It is a model with protrusions that extend at regular intervals along the roll that allows the geomembrane to adhere to the concrete.

Chemical Updating:

Tests performed on geomembranes which are kept in chemical solutions for 112 days:


T-Grip Geomembranes are prepared with robotic welding machines ready to be assembled according to the places where the application will be made on the basis of the project.


  •    Concrete adherence
  •    Concrete tanks
  •    Treatment plants
  •    Irrigation channels
  •    Waste Water Insulation
  •    Closed concrete bowls
  •    Concrete pipes
  •    Sewage systems